“The Lord woke me up in the middle of the night and told me I needed to purchase this devotional for my friend.”

“Wow wow!! So, long story short, I have a sleep study tonight and have to stay overnight at the hospital. No big deal, right? Well, for some reason my anxiety and stress has been through the roof. Today, I started Day 1 of 90 Days of Fire. How ironic it’s ‘Just relax!’ A good friend named Pastor Zach, wrote ‘If you find yourself stressed, plant joy into someone else.’ That’s all I have to say about that. Thank you.”

“Sunday morning a prophet in the house was talking about allowing the Holy Spirit to take control, just relax… It gave me an opportunity to share your teaching YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF REVIVING YOURSELF.  It so impacted me that I told the story almost verbatim.  I’ve had a very good return response to that.  People are trying so hard, and thinking that there is something wrong with them because they’re NOT getting it. That short teaching was very powerful to them.  I also shared it in a social setting and I could see in their eyes the profound effect it had on that little group.”

In a word, Awesomeness. Each day as I read I think it can not get any better. Then the next day comes Wow! Just in a few days I have been touched and moved with each reading. Today the statement, “ I don’t need healing half as much as I need Jesus. I am so hungry for His presence.” really hits me. I often wonder why I am beset by so many health problems and forget that I am not in control, He is!

Unprecedented Days is a 90 day devotional by author Dr. Zach Prosser. I believe the author wrote this book as a way to provide an opportunity for God to speak and bring transformation and to edify the reader in their walk with the Lord (see Introduction).

I appreciate that this is a devotional for anyone, both men and women. Because it’s one that my spouse and I can enjoy together, this devotional met my expectations. It is different than other devotionals because most devotionals are made especially for women.

Scripture references are from NKJV, NASB, and ESV Bibles. Each devotion convey’s Biblical truths. The part I liked most is that the author asks questions to engage the reader, as well as an application for the day’s devotion.

I recommend this devotional to all Believers. It would be great for husband and wife to read together, or read alone.