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Pastor Frank Bailey, Victory Fellowship, New Orleans, LA
Just had the pleasure of reviewing Zach Prosser’s book ‘Unprecedented Days’ and I highly recommend it. I have always loved devotionals but find myself gravitating to the old classics like ‘Morning to Morning’ by Charles Spurgeon. Many of the current devotionals seem short on substance. ‘Unprecedented Days’ is quite refreshing and loaded with God’s Word and exudes a true sense of revival. This devotional will not only get your day started right, you may just find it ushering you into a new season of revival in your life.

Pastor Parris Bailey, Victory Fellowship, New Orleans, LA
I loved reading Zach Prosser’s book Unprecedented Days, a 90 day devotional on revival. I commend him for his zeal and hunger in pursuit of the God of the Bible! Reading this book gets someone hungry for more of His presence, realigns and refocuses you on what is really valuable in life, Christ Himself. Each day Zach addresses different attributes of God that He pours out upon us. His quotes from past revivalists are invaluable and meaty. Whether your struggling with unbelief, anger or hung up over a sin in your life this book will certainly address it! God is alive and well and revival is here! Breakthrough is coming your way! Read the book!

Drs. Joe and Becky Cruse, WorshipWorks Ministries, Austin, TX
We just finished reading Unprecedented Days 90 Days of Fire and must say, we totally enjoyed this uplifting devotional. Zach Prosser has written a clear, concise, and encouraging devotional with a strong nod to the Revival generation we grew up in. Each day is filled with scripture and testimony, short in length but strong in substance. (One of our favorites was Who is Your Running Partner!) I know we will thoroughly enjoy using it as a template for our daily devotions. Well done dear friend! This is a must read for this generation and those to come. The compelling stories of faith and true revival must go forward and never be forgotten. We commend you sirwell done!

Anna Donahue, Anna Donahue Ministries, New Orleans, LA
Unprecedented Days is a solid devotional book that is packed with insight, revelation, encouragement and equipment for the serious believer in Christ! Full of wisdom and depth, Pastor Zach Prosser writes powerful truths for each day that will help you draw ever so close to Christ! As I continued to read and reflect on many of the pages, I found myself thinking, “this one page that I’m on is so good, that it can be a book all on its own!” It is very reflective and thought provoking! You are going to thoroughly enjoy Unprecedented Days! And I am convinced, you will be transformed in the process.

Pastor James Weidner, REACH Community, Mandeville, LA
Pastor Zach Prosser is a friend who genuinely loves the Lord and is in constant pursuit of the move of God in his personal and Church life. ‘Unprecedented Days’ is an authentic, refreshing and challenging devotional that encourages us to aspire after more of God every day. In each devotional there is both depth and practical guidance that inspires. ‘Unprecedented Days’ also brings us back to intentional community and local church living, which was so vital in the early Church. The language and illustrations are easily understood and applicable to each of our daily lives no matter where we are in our personal journey. I have been inspired by ‘Unprecedented Days’ and recommend this useful tool to all who desire to experience more of Christ.

Pastor Todd Smith, Christ Fellowship Church, Dawsonville, GA
Pastor Zach nails it! Immediately upon reading UNPRECEDENTED DAYS I was riveted by Zach’s insight, humor and practicality to everyday life. Already, this work  has been a rich resource for my life and ministry. This book will help you. Get ready to be set on fire!


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Pastor Egon Falk, New Life Ministries, Tanzania, Africa
Pastor Phil Schneider, Illinois District Council of the Assemblies of God
Judge Brown, Total Christian Television Network